Ok so I have some serious catching up to do. If there is any such thing as a dedicated reader of this blog (and let’s be honest there probably isn’t), I owe you an apology. It has been about 2 weeks since I’ve updated this thing. I’ve left it to decay and ruin, but I have not forgotten you readers (if you so exist)!

I could blame my setback on a lot of things: induction, birthday, Fema training, and a general increase of “holy shit I have so much stuff to do!” time, but I don’t think that really excuses me. I have has free time, though not as much as I would like, but I’m usually feeling so worn out that I spend it eating, napping, watching movies, and reading like a madman to finish A Clash Of Kings (Curse you Martin!!!).

This weekend I hope to remedy this. I owe my one reader information and entertainment, and I am here to deliver. Over this coming weekend and possibly the next week I am going to play catch up. Expect to see a Corps Camping Part 2, as well as a recap of the exciting 2 weeks you haven’t heard about! There may also be one or two fun ones added on the side. So please please please keep your eye on alansblogthing for a slew of updates that I will be working on whenever I get a free moment. Not tonight though, I got stuff.

But who cares about all that right? I’m being deployed! After being delayed a week due to the government being in time out I have a clear destination. I was originally supposed to be shipped off to Missouri, but screw all that business!

I’m headed to Atlanta!

That’s right by this time tomorrow I will be starting my new life in Georgia. I’m thinking about getting a new name for the occasion; something important sounding, like Baron Von Carlos… Baron of what you ask? Nobody knows…

Anyways, I am very excited, mostly just to get going. Being on standby has been torturous. We had to go camping again. Again! If I’m being perfectly honest I did have my heart set on going to Colorado, especially since several of my friends got shipped out there this morning, but Atlanta is exciting. I had a good experience in Atlanta’s juggernaut of an airport on my way down here, and I’ll be glad to the city that harbored me through those trying 2 hours. It wasn’t easy for either of us, but I think we both came out bettered. This time instead of 2 hours I’ll be there for 2 months, and guess what? Atlanta’s gonna just have to deal with it.

Thank you all (or one) for reading! Sorry I’ve been back to my lazy ways. Keep a lookout for new updates! I’ll be busting my butt on the car ride to Georgia (if I don’t pass out in my seat). Until next time!









2 comments on “Deployment!!!

  1. Sean Breslin says:

    You’ll definitely enjoy it…Atlanta has something for everyone!


  2. king sergey says:

    Ahhhhhh aaaallllaaaannn!!!!

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